Pace is a combination of volatile oils and herbal extracts works against red mites & yellow mites.


            Pace is a product which works against various types (Red & Yellow) of mites in agriculture. It works in all life stages of mites. After contacting with pace, it paralyses the adults & die. It works against eggs to disrupt the respiration by making waxy coating on it. Due to that no hatching occurs.  It’s smell repellent the mites. Some of the components of pace are also absorbed by the plants and then suppress the life cycle of the mites.


Apply pace on mites to have knock down results. Later cases pace reaches directly on infected area until thoroughly covered. Complete coverage of all plant tissue is necessary for control mites. Make sure to spray under the leaves where Mites hide and lay their eggs, to break down the life cycle. For better efficacy use penetrator i.e. “Stock”. Use consecutive spray with interval of 5 days to manage the mites.

Recommendation : Red Mite, Yellow Mite

DOSE :  1 ml / lit