Imminent founded with goal of “organic or residue free” farming to India grower community. Imminent started R&D activity from year 2012 for India with suitable organic pesticides for tropical climates with association of foreign research base companies. In India no one working for true & authentic organic pesticide segment. With view to have a good scope against the main stream & different working style as well as future need of farming community Imminent worked stared. Imminent develop own researched products in insecticide &
fungicides for agriculture use. All products are nature friendly & safe to farmers as well as to environments. While developing products grower centric approach was consider to have equivalent or more effective products as compare to existing chemical range. Extensive field trials were conducted in all climatic condition, pest pressure & all varieties of crops to build a strong brand image.

India turning from chemical era to organic era with that view developing products which will replace existing chemical products to Imminent new innovated products. We have strong team in research & trials. We smell the market sentiments to develop products as per market need & what farmer community exactly want solution for the agriculture.

Mission & Vision

Imminent is on mission of “Organic India”. In India people are fighting against diseases like Cancer, Heart diseases, Diabetes, Blood pressure, low immunity& many more. The solution to fetch out those problems from India by changing feeding habits like to eat organic or residue free fruits & vegetables. Imminent giving solution for organic farming at every problem of grower. Imminent provide stage wise solution in all crops as a preventive measure. Farming community are going through big pricing war for their produce. They don’t have right to price their own product. Imminent prove that farmer can price
their own produce by growing it “Organically”. Last few year many grower use that practice for consistent & remunerative income from there farming & create their own brand identity in the market.

Existing farming scenario can change by thinking organic production either for domestic & export consumption. Contribution of agriculture in GDP of India is very negligible as compare to people working in agriculture. There is wide scope for export in India to get more contribution in GDP, but it will not happen until & unless “Organic India”& “Think Organic”.