Claro is a combination of natural oils and botanical extracts that used against leaf miner in variety of crops.


            Claro can assist plants when they are under pest pressure in the field. It mainly works against leaf minor. Some of the components of Claro absorbed by the plants and then suppress the life cycle of the leaf minor. Claro has best ovicidal action against leaf miner. Claro kills the eggs by coating with an oily shield that disrupts the respiration of the egg therefore no hatching will occur. It acts on all life stages of leaf miner like egg, larvae & adults. So, for better control consecutive application of claro is mandatory. 


            Claro has contact in mode of action. So proper application is important at target area & pest. For better efficacy use penetrator for translaminar action.  Claro must use in preventive stage of life cycle of leaf miner to avoid damage of leaf surface. Avoid high temperature & suitable spray interval as per pest pressure for longer control.

Recommendation : Leaf miner

DOSE :  1 ml / lit