CBM is mixture of calcium, boron & magnesium derived from natural sources.

  • CBM balances growth of plant results in better flower initiation & setting.
  • It boosts the food production due to magnesium availability.
  • Available calcium gives the new shoot development along with flower.
  • In time availability of Boron give the proper embryonic development for better
    flowering & fruiting.
  • CBM is used for increasing cell strength and division.
  • CBM improve the photosynthesis for maximum food production.
  • CBM key major role in food transportation during plant life cycle.
  • It’s improves nutrients uptake and crop quality.

Apply CBM in pre-flowering & flowering stage of crop. It may use in fruits and vegetable crops
in week interval either by spray or drip application.

Drip- 1 lit/acre.
Spray- 2 ml / lit