Beatan is a botanical extract base product use in agriculture against sucking pests. It’s a residue free product used in “organic” or “Residue free” farming. It uses against sucking pest through spray application. Beatan have three types of mode of action against sucking pest. First it disrupts the insect cell membrane when contact with sucking pest. Second it damages respiratory membranes of sucking insects by which insects are not able to breath & die. Third Beatan dehydrate the sucking insect after entered in the insect body.


Spray Beatan directly on to insects and infected area until thoroughly covered complete coverage of all plant parts are necessary for control make sure to spray under the leaves where sucking pest hide and lay their eggs. Reduce the chance of burning do not use under direct sunlight also do not mix with other chemicals as they may block our products from working. Consecutive application is mandatory for better results.

Recommendation: Sucking Pest- Thrips, Jassids, Mealy Bugs, White fly

DOSE: 1 ml / lit