Actino fungicide is made up of 100 % pure botanical extract and natural oils.

HOW IT WORKS :                                                                              

    Actino act against Downey mildew, late blight in various crops. It works against the fungus through a biochemical interaction on the spores. Actino also suppressing the life cycle of fungus by forming protective coat on the cell to avoid the penetration of hyphae in to cell. Also, it acts as a anti sporulant by damaging fungus spores at the time of germination as well as in early development of spores by making oily coating on it. Actino nurturing the plant cell to increase the plant‘s ability to fight the disease.


Preventive application should happen against the mention fungus. Use penetrator “Stock” for maximum spreading of Actino in the leaf. No other chemicals are compatible with actino.  It a zero-residue product so may use on “organic” or “residue” farming.

Recommendation : Downey Mildew, Late Blight, Early Blight, Anthracnose

DOSE :  1 ml / lit